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CBD Lab Results

The lab results are in...

Certificate of Analysis // Third-Party Testing

You should know precisely what is in your CBD product. We are committed to quality and transparency to empower our customers to live healthier lives by equipping them with as much information as possible. From the potency to the purity, we test our products with an accredited, independent lab. All results are made available, providing transparency and trust.


A certificate of analysis (COA) is a report that contains key information on product quality, including test conditions and parameters, specifications and requirements, results of tests, and approval signature and date. Performed by an accredited, third-party laboratory, these certificates show the quantity of cannabinoids in a product.

We ensure the quality and consistency of our products. Our products are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, mold, and contaminants.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mint 1000 mg JB Morton Health

CBD Oil Tincture - Mint Flavored. 30 mg, Ingestible, (THC <0.3%).

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Citrus 1000 mg JB Morton Health

CBD Oil Tincture - Citrus Flavored. 30 mg, Ingestible, (THC <0.3%).

JB Morton CBD Tintures are 100% Organic


JB Morton CBD Tintures are vegan


JB Morton CBD Tintures are gluten-free


JB Morton CBD Tintures are third-party lab tested



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