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What is Integrative Holistic Medicine?

Integrative Holistic Medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As practitioners of  holistic medicine, Dr. Joshua Morton, I, MD, MBA and Dr. Bonique Morton, MD, MPH focus on the whole being with integrative health therapies to prevent and treat diseases and promote optimal health. 

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Mobile Care - JB Morton Health

Leaders In Mobile Care

Why are We Mobile Care?

We care about each patient - those who lack access to sufficient healthcare and those who are simply ready for a fresh start. Our doctors bring healthcare to you,  leaving no patient behind. It's our mission to change  the quality of life of all those searching for a new pathway to health. We deliver a specialized, patient-focused approach & personalized care directly to you. 

Proudly serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We travel throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana by appointment.

Services We Specialize In

We work with our patients to address every need. The result is a sound and whole individual - Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Dr. B. Morton is very passionate about women taking time for themselves.  I kept telling her I didn’t have time to do any kind of physical activity.  She listened carefully and shared a wealth of information with me to help me put into perspective why I have to make time for myself and manage my stressors.

- Tanya B.